About Tinkham Realty

The Tinkham Experience

Since 1967, Tinkham Realty's Residential and Commercial Division have successfully marketed a number of properties in the southern New Hampshire area. Our firm has provided services in designing, construction, marketing and today, Tinkham Realty, Inc. can draw on the experience of having built over 500 homes, the sub-divisions of a number of executive developments as well as commercial and industrial parks.

Tinkham Realty, Inc. takes pride in the reputation for dependability is the basic building block for a successful real estate business. Experience has confirmed our position that when you're making the biggest single investment of your life, you want to have confidence that your BROKER is 100% fair and dependable. The large amount of customer referrals as well as our long relationship with many customers made by listing their second or even third home is living proof that our efforts are well received.


We have been successful in attracting only well qualified professional representatives. Our professionals have a working knowledge of the market, the products and the people who make things happen.

Our staff consists of full time associates who are continually studying in the field, attending courses, seminars and meetings to become better qualified to provide skillful personal service that has been traditional with Tinkham Realty, Inc.

Dedicated to personal attention to the needs of all customers and clients, Tinkham Realty, Inc. provides the highest standards of ethics and knowledge in the real estate profession.

Commercial Division

Judy M. Tinkham judy@tinkhamrealty.com
Jerry Hersch jerry@tinkhamrealty.com

Residential Division

Lynda Blais Lynda@tinkhamrealty.com
Diane Bessette diane@tinkhamrealty.com
Rick Cross rickcross@tinkhamrealty.com