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Marketing Techniques
Find out about some of the the methods Tinkham Realty uses to promote & market your property.
How to Enhance Your Homes Value
20 steps on how to help sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the best price.
View Sample NH  Real Estate Contracts & Disclosure Forms
Review the documents & contracts that are used when listing your home with a REALTOR.


I’m a seller, how can Tinkham Realty help me?

When you enlist the services of a real estate agent, you are hiring this person for two reasons:

1. To effectively market your home to potential home buyers - In this day and age, it takes more than a REALTOR who sticks a sign in the ground and takes out a few ads in the local newspaper to sell your home. It takes a commitment to exposing your property to each and every potential home buyer in the marketplace. Each property is unique and therefore requires a custom marketing plan. Tinkham Realty will sit down with you to explain all of the marketing options and make recommendation as to what the best tactics are. Home buyers all have specific needs and a sale is made when a successful match between buyer and seller are made.

2. To guide you through the process of selling your home - Gone are the days of selling your home on a handshake. You want a seasoned, experienced expert on your side while going through the process to make sure all the property forms are filled out and legalities are taken care of. Tinkham Realty will be there through it all: home inspections, contract negotiations, financing and even the unexpected. 

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