What is Buyer's Agency?

I’m a buyer, how can Tinkham Realty help me? By representing you as a Buyer’s Agent! 

Did you know that by calling the name listed on the sign in front of the house you will be at a disadvantage in the negotiations of the purchase of the house? It is the listing agents fiduciary (position of trust or confidence) duty to represent the home seller.  This means that all loyalties in this relationship are to the seller.  The listing agent cannot offer you an opinion of the property’s value or of the properties condition. The listing agent cannot help in determining the motivation of the seller or if the seller will take less than the asking price. The listing agent is even required to disclose information you may have inadvertently mentioned in your discussions.  You may have mentioned things such as “I have been looking for a home like this for over a year.”  Or “ I am going to offer this but I would be willing to offer more if required.” Or something as simple as “I have to be out of my current place of residence by such and such a time.”  All of these common statements are signals of your motivation and would be shared to the seller by the listing agent. A Buyer’s Agent is employed by and exclusively represents you the Buyer.  His responsibilities are to the buyers’ interests throughout and working to negotiate the best price and terms for the buyer.

With Tinkham Realty representing you as your Buyer’s Agent you can have the confidence and security knowing that you can ask for advice and assistance and receive an honest answer from someone who is working in your best interest. From searching for the perfect home to negotiating the price and terms, Tinkham Realty will be with you each step of the way.

Things Tinkham Realty will help you with…

  • A second opinion on the property’s value
  • Help in determining the seller’s motivation and timetable
  • Discussing whether the seller would accept a lower offer
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the property

 Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.
Let Tinkham Realty represent you in helping you find the
perfect property.  Call today!